Our curriculum

We use the Kentucky Early Childhood Standards and Teaching Strategies curriculum as our guides in developing lesson plans.  We document each child’s progress as they meet objectives on the developmental continuum laid out by Teaching Strategies beginning in our infant classrooms. Individualized goals for children are established based on the continuum.  Each classroom builds on the successes of the previous classroom with all classrooms working towards the goal of school readiness and success. Information gathered on each child is placed in a portfolio that parents are welcome to view at anytime.  The information gathered in the portfolios is given to parents when the child leaves the center to share with the child’s kindergarten teacher.

We also use the Brigance and Ages and Stages screening tools.  These tools also help to determine if a child needs further evaluation or services.  We use these tools to improve our curriculum and teaching plans to ensure school readiness.

We strictly follow state mandated child-to-teacher ratios.  

Our staff

Over 65% of our staff has a Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential™ or an Associates, Bachelor's or Master's degree.  95% of our teachers have their CPR/First Aid Certification.  



Ruthy Wright is our director.  She is responsible for our team of roughly 30 staff members, ensuring we meet child-staff ratios, overseeing the building/maintenance, and coordinating time off.  She has been with GCDC since 2004 and has served in many different roles during her time with us.  She also has her Infant/Toddler CDA and director's certification.

Sarah Wright is our program manager.  Sarah is responsible for our curriculum, programming, lesson plans, developmental screenings, and overall classroom management.  She is currently pursuing her CDA and has over ten years of experience in early childhood education.

Paula Sue Smith has been with GCDC since 2004 and serves as our business manager.  She oversees the food program, all of our billing for both parents and our federal and state programs, payroll, and any other budgetary needs/requirements.  

Amanda Palmer serves as our public relations manager.  She manages our website, Facebook page, enrollment and serves as a back-up to all other areas of the team.  She has been with GCDC since 2013.

Amanda Sargent is our kitchen manager.  She has been with GCDC since 2011 and has served in a variety of roles during her employment as GCDC.  Amanda has her Infant/Toddler CDA, Preschool CDA, and Directors certification.